• ChemTec Bypass High Pressure Adjustable Flow Monitor Series 500-BPHP

ChemTec Bypass High Pressure Adjustable Flow Monitor Series

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  • Broad range of adjustability
  • Close on-off differential
  • Ease of adjustment
  • In line 180 degree porting
  • High resolution
  • Materials: 316SS
  • Confirms: Normal flow conditions
  • Senses: High flow, low flow conditions
  • Water or explosion proof covers
  • Output:Switch contact
  • Best for ration (normal flow/set point) of 10:1 or less
    li>High pressure systems
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Coolants
  • Process chemicals
  • Gas and liquid sampling

When no flow is present the free magnetic piston rests on the bottom of the bypass bore. When flow is established the piston is forced upward and actuates the reed switch. The bypass flow is controlled by manual adjustment of the flow control vane. When flow decreases the piston moves downward and the reed switch deactuates. The adjustment assembly is then locked down to prevent any inadvertent readjustment.
  • Actuation points for air at 68° F and 14.7 psia with increasing flow
  • Deactuation (decreasing flow) averages 10% less than actuation (increasing flow)
  • Repeatability ± 2%
  • Unit will pass greater flows

Product Specifications

Body MaterialMax Working Pressure PSIG (barg)Wetted PartsSeal
316SS6000 (413.4)316SS, EpoxyViton®
Calibration Range15.14 (4) 
Model Air SLPM (SCFM)Water LPM (GPH)Ports FNPT
500-BPHPMinimum6 (0.21)0.11 (0.03)1/2"
Maximum993 (35)
Pressure Loss Table
Air Flow Rate SLPM (SCFM)Water Flow Rate LPM (GPH)ΔP to Atmopshere BARD (PSID)
84.9 (3)3.8 (1)17.2 (0.25)
566.3 (2)15.1 (4)51.7 (0.75)
1557.4 (55)31.3 (8)233.0 (3.38)
1925.5 (68)37.8 (10)362.0 (5.25)

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