• Teledyne Hastings Vacuum Transducer, 13.33 mPa to 133.3 kPa, HPM-2002-OBE-04-01-01-03-02-08

Teledyne Hastings Vacuum Transducer, 13.33 mPa to 133.3 kPa, HPM-2002-OBE-04-01-01-03-02-08

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The OBE is system-mounted gauge which provides the user with a low-cost method of accurate vacuum measurement over a wide range of pressure. The OBE uses the same rugged HPM-2002S tube as the award-winning Model 2002. The module contains all of the performance features of the Model 2002 dual sensor instrument in a compact configuration. The OBE electronics module is available with many different types of signal output options for the user.

OBE is ideal for applications that require accuracy without the expense of costly capacitance manometers and a wide measurement range without multiple gauges.

The OBE can be configured to provide one of several different output options including Dual 0-10 VDC, RS232, RS485, Dual 4-20 mA, and DeviceNetTM. All output options, except DeviceNetTM, include a 4-digit LED display. The display provides floating-point pressure readout which is easily visible from several meters.

The 0-10 VDC analog output version generates two outputs which are linear with pressure. The first output has a 1024 Torr full scale value; the second output has a 1000 mTorr full scale value.

  • Low-Cost Electronics Module
  • Wide Dynamic Range (1x10-4 - 1000 Torr)
  • Combined Sensors in a Single Tube
  • Input Voltage (12-30 VDC)
  • 15-pin High-Density D-sub Connector
  • Bright 4-Digit (green) LED Display
  • Optional Outputs
  • Dual 0-10V
  • RS232/485
  • Dual 4-20 mA
  • DeviceNetTM
  • Loadlock
  • Plasma Coating
  • OEM Equipment
  • Wide Range Vacuum Controls
  • Refrigeration

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Measuring Range:0.01333 Pa to 133322 Pa
Ambient Temperature Operating
Range & Compensation:
0°C to 50°C
(Based on N2 @ 23°C):
±1.5% of reading for 6666.11 Pa to 133322 Pa
±20% of reading for 0.01333 Pa to 6666.11 Pa
Digital Readout:4-digit LED Floating Point
Input Voltage:12-30 VDC
Stability with Voltage Variation:Undetectable change in reading as input power fluctuates
Response Time:200 msec
Sensor Mounting:Any position without recalibrating
Sensor Internal Volume:< 1.5 cc
Wetted Material:Silicon Nitride, Silicon, Gold, Pyrex, 316 SS, UHV Epoxy
Calibrated for Nitrogen:Conversion curves for other gases are easily selectable
Burst Pressure (tube):150 PSIG
Proof Pressure:30 PSIG
Output:Dual 4-20 mA
Display:With Display (Std)
Calibration:NIST Certificate (w/ data)
Gas:Water Vapor
System Connection:1/2" VCR

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