• Partlow MIC 6000 Profile Controller

Partlow MIC 6000 Profile Controller

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MIC 6000
Shipping Weight:
3.00 LBS


The MIC 6000 is a ¼ DIN, microprocessor based, single loop, profiling, process controller. It can function either as a basic process controller, utilizing manual setpoint changes or it can also execute any one of eight setpoint profiles; each profile can have six ramp and six soak segments.

Access to configuration parameters and setpoint may be restricted by using the instrument's security-access mode.

The MIC 6000 can provide single or dual control outputs and up to thouree event outputs. The unit can include two 4-20mA current outputs which can be used for control or optional process value retransmission.


Programmable profile device stores and implements temperature control sequences including ramp/soak profiles.

  • Industrial and lab ovens/furnaces, plastics and thermal forming
  • Form/fill and seal
  • Packaging applications
  • And any others where low costs, smaller size and unmatched connectivity are critical requirements.
  • 4-digit, 0.56" high, LED display
  • ¼ DIN panel mount
  • Input options for thermocouple, RTD, DC linear mA/V/mV
  • Sensor fault detection
  • Up to 5 outputs; relay, 4-20mA, SSR driver
  • Process, deviation, deviation band alarms
  • Eight Ramp/Soak profiles
  • Optional RS-485 serial communications
  • Program security

Product Specifications


Thermocouple:J, K, T, R, S, E, B, N, and C
RTD:100 ohm platinum (.00385 Ohm/Ohm/C)
Volts:0 to 5VDC, 1 to 5 VDC
Millivolts:0 to 25mVDC, 0 to 50mVDC, 10 to 50mVDC
Milliamps:0 to 20 or 4 to 20mADC, accommodated via the addition of a shunt resistor
Remote Run/Hold:Dry contact-closure
Sensor Fault Detection:Displays Hi or Lo for thermocouple or RTD inputs (10% above or below range) and sensor break, SnSr. On/Off outputs go off, proportional outputs go to 0%. Sensor fault detection is not functional for 0 to 5VDC or 0 to 20mADC.
115VAC: 5.0 A Resistive; 1/8HP or 250VA
230VAC: 2.5 A Resistive; 1/8HP or 250VA
SSR Driver:Open collector output; Short circuit protected at 100mA maximum; Provides 4VDC at 20mA or 3VDC at 40mA
Current Output:0-20 or 4-20 mADC into 650 ohms maximum

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