• Mensor Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator CEP6100

Mensor Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator CEP6100

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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2.00 LBS


Discontinued by manufacturer.

The model CEP6100 documenting multi-function calibrator provides unparalleled features in respect of other high-accuracy calibrators. It offers the functions and accuracy associated with stationary laboratory equipment, and has everything needed for virtually any calibration task. Measuring and simulation of thermocouple, resistance thermometer, resistance, current, voltage, frequency, pressure and the generation of pulse trains is supported by the CEP6100. External pressure modules can be connected via a port. The built-in isolated mA/V measuring channel enables the complete calibration of transmitters to be carried out.

  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Measurement and control laboratories
  • Industry (laboratory, workshop and production)
  • Quality assurance
Special Features:
  • Calibrating and storing of up to 21 test points from up to 50 different test items
  • Highest accuracy in class up to ±0.01% of reading
  • Measurement and simulation of thermocouples (13), resistance thermometers (13), resistance, current, voltage, frequency, pressure and pulse trains
  • Isolated mA/V measuring channel for complete transmitter calibration (measuring and simulation at the same time)
  • Entry of customer-specific resistance thermometer coefficients

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Display:2-part with 10 places and character size 8 mm
Loop supply voltage:24 V DC
RTD frequency response:5 ms; works with all pulsed transmitter
Frequency:1 ... 20 V selectable amplitude
Pulse:1 ... 20 V selectable amplitude (source only)
Interface:RS-232, USB with optional serial adapter
Input and Output
Resistance thermometers:Pt100 (385, 3926, 3916), Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni120, Cu10, Cu50, Cu100, YSI400, Pt10, Pt50
Thermocouples:Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, L, U, N, C, XK, BP
Voltage signal:0 ... 30 V DC
Current signal:0 ... 24 mA
Resistance:0 ... 400 Ω and 400 ... 4000 Ω
Frequency / Pulse:2 CPM ... 10.00 kHz

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