• Mensor High Speed Pressure Controller Model CPC3000

Mensor High Speed Pressure Controller Model CPC3000

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20.00 LBS


The CPC3000 has a compact, light weight design, a reliable high speed pressure regulator, gauge / absolute / bi-directional ranges and an optional barometric reference for emulation. These qualities make the CPC3000 suitable for a variety of applications. With an uncertainty of 0.025% FS and a high speed regulator, the CPC3000 is well suited for use in the production of pressure sensors, transmitters, transducers, and pressure switches or as a working standard for the control and calibration of all types of pressure gauges.

  • Industry (laboratory, workshop and production)
  • Pressure transmitter manufacture
  • Calibration service companies
  • Research and development laboratories

Product Specifications

Pressure Ranges

Gauge:0-5 up to 0-1500 psig (0-0.35 to 0-103 bar)
Absolute:0-14.5 to 0-1515 psia (0-1 to 0-104 bar)
Bi-directional:5 less than or equal to span or less than and equal to 1515 psia
Product Specifications
Uncertainty:0.025% full span for all standard pressure ranges specified above. Uncertainty (k=2) includes hysteresis, linearity, repeatability, reference standard, drift and temperature effects over the calibrated range for the calibration interval specified, with periodic re-zeroing
Pressure Units:psi, psf, oz/si, tons/sq in, tons/sq ft, atm, inHg @0°C, inHg @60°F, mTorr, Torr, inSW, ftSW, inH2O @4°C, inH2O @20°C, inH2O @60°F, ftH2O @4°C, ftH2O @20°C, ftH2O @60°F

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