• Mensor Portable Pressure Calibrator CPH7600
  • Mensor Portable Pressure Calibrator CPH7600

Mensor Portable Pressure Calibrator CPH7600

This item has been discontinued. The suggested replacement is Mensor CPH7650

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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Measurement and control laboratories
  • Quality assurance

Special Features:

  • Measurement and electrical pressure generation at the touch of a button with integrated pump, from -0.8...+20 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.025% of reading ±0.01% FS (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Generation/measurement of 4...20 mA, and DC 24 V voltage supply to power transmitters
  • Pressure supply via external compressed air line
  • Robust case design, IP 67

General Information

With the model CPH7600 (formally Wally Box III), Mensor offers a further development of the well-known Wally Box I and Wally Box II. The CPH7600 is compact, portable pressure calibrator, which has been designed for mobile use as well as for stationary workshop and laboratory testing. A special feature of this test instrument is that it is fitted with two independently-operating pressure systems. One pneumatic system is designed to be supplied from an external pressure supply, while the supply pressure of the second system is generated by the intergrated electrical pressure generation. This enables the user to perform different measurement tasks for calibrations, regardless of external pressure and power supplies.


The CPH7600 provides an accuracy of 0.025% of reading ±0.1% FS for the built-in pressure sensor. The temperature compensation of the built-in sensor safeguards the accuracy for applications in the field. Readings can be displayed in one of 13 standard units.


With the CPH7600, not only accurate pressure measurements are possible, but exact current and voltage measurements, as well as DC-24 V supply for the test items. Pressure valves and electrical measured values are simultaneously shown in the display. The calibrator is integrated into a robust, as well as dust and watertight transport case. Thus the mobile pressure calibrator is particularly suited to use in harsh industrial environments. A flow diagram on the front panel gives information on the connection of the individual pneumatic components. With the built-in NiMH rechargeable battery, a battery life of 50 hours or 125 pump cycles up to 20 bar is guaranteed. The external universal power supply is designed for an operating voltage of AC 100...240V.

Product Specifications


Pressure Range:-11 to 300 psi (-.8 to 20 bar)
Relative Pressure:-0.8...+20 bar
Overpressure Limit:40 bar
Burst Pressure:135 bar
Accuracy:0.025% of reading ±0.01% FS
Temperature Compensation:15...35°C
Temperature Coefficient:0.002% of the span / °C beyond the 15...35°C
Measuring Range:0...24 mA (max. load 1,000)
Resolution:1 µA
Accuracy:0.015% of reading ±2 mV
Measuring Range:DC 0...30 V
Resolution:1 mV
Accuracy:0.015% of reading ±2 mV

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