ChemTec Flow Meter Series MAO-125/250

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  • No bearings
  • Single moving part
  • In line metering
  • No rotating internals
  • Materials: Teflon, brass, or 316SS
  • Output: Analog or digital
  • Measures low flows
  • Wet benches
  • Cooling system
  • Corrosive chemical dispensing
  • Materials consumption measurement
  • Process controls
  • Operations:

    When fluid flows through the unit it displaces the Teflon® encapsulated magnetic piston. This displacement is proportional to the volumetric flow through the unit. A transducer, encapsulated in the body outside the fluid path, senses the displacement of the piston. The transducer's signal is converted by a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit then sends the signal to three types of outputs: voltage, pulse and current loop.
    • Totaly Accuracy: ± 5%
    • Repeatability: ± 2% full scale
    • Linearity: ± 2%full scale

    Product Specifications

    General Specifications

    Body MaterialMaximum Working Pressure PSIG (BARG)Wetted PartsSeal
    Teflon®80 (5.52)Teflon®Teflon®
    Brass1500 (103.42)Brass, EpoxyViton
    316SS3000 (206.84)316SS, EpoxyViton
    Pressure Loss Table
    Air Flow Rate CC/M (SCFH)Water Flow Rate ML/M (GPH)ΔP to Atmosphere MBARS(Inches of Water)
    30 (.064)1.0 (0.016)8.71 (3.50)
    310 (.657)30 (0.48)25.8 (10.38)
    1500 (3.178)300 (4.76)29.7 (11.92)
    16000 (33.9)500 (7.93)63.8 (25.63)
    Calibration Range

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    ModelAir SLPM (SCFM)Water LPM (GPH)Ports FNPT
    25Minimum30 (0.063)1 (0.016)1/8"
     Maximum16,000 (33.90)500 (7.93)