• Meriam Single Sensor, Handheld Pressure Transmitter Calibrator / Data Logger M400

Meriam Single Sensor, Handheld Pressure Transmitter Calibrator / Data Logger M400

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In continuous production for nearly 25 years, the MeriCal™ digital pressure transmitter calibrator is one of the most successful instruments to ever serve the process industries. Meriam's NEW M4 Series Handheld Precision Calibrator / Data Logger builds on this reputation with an impressive array of new features, functions and improved accuracy specification! The M400 includes one pressure sensor and one mA/V instrument. Chose from differential, gauge, compound or absolute pressure types and ranges from 10" H2O to 3000 PSIG full scale. Need two ranges for wider utility? No problem!

The M402 can be configured with any two gauge, compound or absolute type sensors. See the table below for all the possibilities. Accuracy is ±0.025% of Full Scale. Accuracy is maintained over operating temperatures from -20° to +50° C (-4° to +122° F). Data Logging is standard on all models.

All M4 Series handhelds provide convenient electrical signal measurement and sourcing. Measure ±50V or ±100mA, source 24VDC and measure mA, sink mA, or source precise VDC or mA DC values using the supplied test leads. Accuracy is ±(0.015% of Reading + 0.002 units) over the entire operating temperature range. Source or sink values are easily entered using the Adaptive Interface Wheel.

  • Several types and ranges are available
  • Modules are completely interchangeable
  • Can be recalibrated in the field
  • NIST certificate & calibration data included

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Accuracy:±0.025% of Full Scale
Temperature Performance:Accuracy includes all affects of temperature from -20° to +50° C (-4° to +122° F)
Resolution:Selectable, Accuracy or Precision: the number of places right of the decimal necessary to display the Accuracy or Precision (typically an extra digit) for the currently selected engineering unit.
Engineering Units:Configurable to display 1 to 32 industry-standard engineering units.
Temperature:Operating: -4 to 122° F (-20 to 50° C)
Storage: -40 to 140° F (-40 to 60° C)
Connections:Pressure: 1?8" NPT (female)
Electrical: Standard banana jacks on 3/4" centers Firmware updates, data retrieval: USB mini-B (female)

Voltage & Current, Measurement, Sourcing, Sinking
DC Voltage:±50 VDC measure, 0 - 24 VDC source
DC Current:±100 mA DC measure, 0 - 24 mA DC source, 1 - 24 mA sink at 3-50 VDC external power
Accuracy:±(0.015% of Reading ±0.002 units)

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