• AI-Tek Passive Speed Sensor 70085-1010-175

AI-Tek Instruments 70085-1010-175 Passive Speed Sensor

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AI-Tek 70085-1010-175 variable reluctance sensors are essential for control and protection circuits. Passive magnetic speed sensors can provide a signal from the inside of an aircraft engine at temperatures approaching 425° C or from the hub of an automobile wheel at high shock and vibration.

Advantages of these sensors include:
  • Great reliability
  • Easy installation
  • No moving parts or contacts resulting in a long lasting sensor
  • Self-powered operation
  • Large assortment of shapes and sizes
  • Simple alignment
  • Sensor can be designed for almost any environment

Due to their flexibility, you will find AI-Tek variable reluctance sensors in everything from low-cost consumer products to highly-accurate automotive engine ignition systems to flight-worthy aircraft engine controls.

Product Specifications

Thread Length:2.625 in (66.67 mm)
Sensor Length:3.75 in (95.24 mm)
Output Voltage(Standard):150 V (P-P)
Output Voltage(Guarantee Point):12.9 V (P-P)
DC Resistance:1500 ohms max.
Operating Temperature:-55 to +107°C

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