• AI-Tek TachPak 10 Standard Enclosure T77510-10

AI-Tek Instruments T77510-10 TachPak 10 Standard Enclosure

This item has been discontinued and replaced by the T77530-10.

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Shipping Weight:
2.00 LBS


AI-Tek Instruments is no longer manufacturing this tachometer. FLW will continue selling the T77510-10 while we still have inventory and then it will be replaced by the T77530-10.

The TACHPAK 10 is a computing speed switch that also measures input frequency. This dual channel device does not include the function of converting measured quantities to solid state relays, analog output, or the utility RS485 communication.

The TACHPAK 30 and TACHPAK 10 accept an extensive range of AC or DC power. These instruments have great accuracy, processing speed, response time and can be used in rate period or counter mode.

Typicall, the new TACKPACK 30 or 10 are used with magnetic sensors as a signal source. However, they may receive sine wave or square wave TTL signals from any frequency source including phase-shifted frequencies from bi-directional hall sensors to indicate change in direction.

Included Features
  • Quicker Response Time: 7.6 ms (analog), 16.5 ms (mech. relays), 2ms (dig. relays)
  • Higher Level of Accuracy: 0.1% (analog), 0.005% (relays)
  • Field Programmable: Using TACHLINK or TACHTROL plus
  • Digital Configuration: Approaches real time
  • Analog Outputs: 0 -20 mA, 4-20 mA, -20 to 0 to +20 mA
  • Relays: (2) Mechanical form C, 6 A @ 277 Vac, (2) solid state form A 0.4 A @ 60 Vac or DC
  • Digital Display: Accepts (8) TACHTROL plus remote displays
  • Computed Functions: 9

Product Specifications

Analog Output

Ranges:0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, -20 to 0 to +20mA; user selectable
Accuracy:Internal instrument accuracy: ±.005%;plus ±.05% of full scale range at room temp with 400 ohm load; ±0.1% over temp range and load range. Unit is factory calibrated. Can be re-calibrated using TACHLINK.
Resolution:Step size: 610 nanoamps per lbs. 16 bit D/A
Linearity:±0.02% typical
Loop Impedance:100-1000 ohms
Reponse Time:Input to output 6.55 msec+ 1 msec settle at 1kohms (worst case) to .1% of final value
Electrical Isolation:500 Vrms continuous

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