• ASCO 0.55 W Low Power Solenoid Valve EF8344H370 24DC

ASCO 0.55 W Low Power Solenoid Valve EF8344H370 24DC

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EF8344H370 24DC
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The ASCO Series 8344 valves are heavy duty, 2-position, 4-way valves with poppet type seats and discs to provide tight seating. The main valve discs are power driven in both directions by line pressure. No return springs are required. The valves are made of forged brass with stainless steel, brass, and copper internal parts; elastomers are Buna N. The valves may be provided with a low power or intrinsically safe solenoid.

Special Features:

  • Molded one-piece solenoid with highly efficient solenoid cartridge and 0.55 W low wattage coil
  • Standard ambient temperature of 149°F (65°C)
  • Optional 176°F (80°C) high ambient temperature version
  • Designed for use in automation of plant control systems to provide:
    • PLC and DCS compatibility for BUS network and traditional wiring
    • Reduced temperature rise
    • Increase battery life
    • Reduce wiring cost
    • Energy savings
  • Wide selection includes 2/2, 3/2 normally closed (including Quick Exhaust), 3/2 universal, 4/2, 5/2, & 5/3

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inlet Pipe Size (NPT):1/4 in
Orifice Size:1/4 in
Coil Class:LP3
Body Material:Brass
Cv/Kv (Exhaust Port):1.00 Cv - 0.87 Kv
Cv/Kv (Pressure Port):0.80 Cv - 0.69 Kv
Max Ambient Temperature:149 F - 65 C
Max Fluid Temperature:149 F - 65 C
Min Ambient Temperature:-4 F - -20 C
Min Fluid Temperature:-4 F - -20 C
Min Operating Pressure (Air):10.0 PSI - 0.69 Bar
Max Operating Pressure (Air):130 PSI - 9.0 Bar