• ASCO Aluminum High Flow Main Pulse Valve 8353G041 120/60AC

ASCO Aluminum High Flow Main Pulse Valve 8353G041 120/60AC

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8353G041 120/60AC
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The ASCO 8353 Series is a 2-way dust collector valve used for pulsing large volumes of air into filter bags for particulate removal.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for reverse jet-type dust collector systems
  • High flow Cv(s) to 140 for effective bag cleaning
  • High cycle life
  • Fast opening/closing

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inlet Pipe Size (NPT):1 in
Orifice Size:1 1/8 in
Lead Length:18.00 in - 45.72 cm
Coil Class:FT
Body Material:Aluminum
Cv/Kv (Pressure Port):20.00 Cv - 17.30 Kv
Max Ambient Temperature:150 F - 66 C
Max Fluid Temperature:150 F - 66 C
Min Ambient Temperature:0 F - -18 C
Min Fluid Temperature:0 F - -18 C
Watt Rating 60 Hz:6.10 W
Watt Rating 60 Hz:8.10 W
Min Operating Pressure (Air):5.0 PSI - 0.34 Bar
Max Operating Pressure (Air):125 PSI - 8.6 Bar