• ASCO Direct Acting Gas Shutoff Valve 8040G022 120/60AC

ASCO Direct Acting Gas Shutoff Valve 8040G022 120/60AC

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8040G022 120/60AC
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ASCO Valve's Fuel, Gas & Oil solenoid valves handle combustion system pilot & main line fuel shutoff & control needs. They are available in 2-way normally closed, normally open, manual reset, and 3-way diversion. ASCO valves are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Features include junction box, pipe taps, visual indication, proof of closure, leading agency approvals, and pipe connections from 1/8" to 3". Most valves are rated for -40°F service for outdoor installation in frigid climates.

The ASCO 8040 Series are direct acting valves with an aluminum body and 3/8" thru 1-1/4" pipe size providing on-off control of fuel gas.

Special Features:
  • 2-way normally open operation
  • For control of commercial and industrial gas burners
  • Ideal for low pressure applications
  • Brass body construction
  • Mountable in any position

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inlet Pipe Size (NPT):1/2 in
Orifice Size:3/4 in
Body Material:Aluminum
Coil Class:FT
Cv/Kv (Pressure Port):5.40 Cv - 4.67 Kv
Gas Capacity:291000 Btu/hr
Lead Length:18.00 in - 45.72 cm
Max Ambient Temperature:125 F - 52 C
Max Fluid Temperature:125 F - 52 C
Min Ambient Temperature:-40 C
Min Fluid Temperature:-40 C
Watt Rating 60 Hz:10.10 W
Max Operating Pressure (Air):2 PSI - 0.1 Bar