• ASCO General Service Solenoid Valve 8262H114LT 120/60AC

ASCO General Service Solenoid Valve 8262H114LT 120/60AC

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8262H114LT 120/60AC
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Cryogenic - 1/8" to 3/8"
ASCO Series 8262 valves with suffix "LT" are direct acting normally closed solenoid poppet valves designed for cryogenic service. They are available as either AC or DC operated with brass bodies for liquid oxygen, liquid argon, and liquid nitrogen applications.

Special Features:

  • "LT" suffix valves are built to control cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen (-320°F/-194°C), liquid argon (-303°F/-184°C), and liquid oxygen (-297°F/-181°C)
  • All suffix "LT" valves are degreased, cleaned, tested free of moisture, and black light tested for hydrocarbons
  • Liquid CO2 valves are suitable for remote mounting or for direct mounting to the refrigerated component by using four-hole bracket, provided

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inlet Pipe Size (NPT):1/4 in
Orifice Size:7/32 in
Body Material:Brass
Coil Class:FB
Cv/Kv (Pressure Port):0.73 Cv - 0.63 Kv
Max Ambient Temperature:131 F - 55 C
Max Fluid Temperature:150 F - 66 C
Min Ambient Temperature:-40 C
Min Fluid Temperature:-320 F - -196 C
Watt Rating 60 Hz:17.10 W

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