• ATC 175MU Model DIN Rail Mount Universal Supply Timer,

ATC DIN Rail Mount Universal Supply Timer, 175MU

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Economical and low-cost, the ATC Model 175MU is a DIN rail mount, multi-function, automatic, industrial timer designed to meet OEM machinery, equipment, and related manufacturing requirements. The timer acts as a drop-in replacement for most DIN rail mount industrial timers, with a universal supply voltage of 20-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) and 12-240 VDC, thirteen unique functions, and with 10 timing ranges within a single unit.

The timer comes standard in a 17.5 mm DIN rail mount housing with a 5 amp SPDT relay output contact configuration and user-selectable time ranges, from 0.1 second up to three hours. In addition, the unit is easily configured via its front knobs for time range, time scale and mode setting. The ATC Model 175MU is both UL listed and CE certified.

The ATC Model 175MU reduces in-house inventory management requirements, by providing a single part number to competently support a range of industrial timing applications. With its versatility, enhanced functionality and competitive cost, the timer is ideal for OEM equipment, packaging and plastics machinery, machinery control, materials handling, conveyor systems control, motors and pumps, and process related applications.

  • 13 Functions
  • 10 Time Ranges
  • Front knobs for Time Range, Time Scale & Mode Setting
  • Slim, Space Saving Design
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • OEM equipment
  • Packaging and plastics machinery
  • Machinery control
  • Materials handling
  • Conveyor systems control
  • Motors and pumps
  • Process related applications

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Accuracy:Setting: ± 5% of Full Scale
Repeat: ± 0.5% of Full Scale
Reset:Reset time < 100 msec
Output Contact:SPDT (1 C/O)
Time Ranges:0.1 - 1 sec, 0.3 - 3 sec, 1-10 sec, 3-30 sec
0.1-1 min, 0.3-3 min, 1-10 min, 3-30 min
0.1-1 hr, 0.3-3 hr
Modes:On delay (A)
Interval (B)
Cyclic equal OFF first (C)
Cyclic equal ON first (Ci)
Pulse output, 500ms fixed (D)
Delay on break (E)
Delay on make / Delay on break (F)
Interval after break (H)
Single shot (I)
Retriggerable Single shot (J)
Latching relay (K)
Delay with Totalize (Ai)
Interval with Totalize (Bi)
Contact Rating:NO/5A, NC/3A @ 250V AC
Supply Voltage:20-240V AC/DC (50 or 60 Hz)
12-240V DC (50 or 60 Hz)
Power Consumption:43.2VA max
Humidity (Non-Condensing):95% RH
Temperature:Operating: 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
Storage: -20 to 75° C (-4 to 167° F)

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