• ATC 365C Adjustable Computing Timer with Display, 365C-300-Q-50-PX

ATC 365C Adjustable Computing Timer with Display, 365C-300-Q-50-PX

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The 365C long-ranger computing timer from Automatic Timing and Controls is microprocessor-based digital timer with three rotary knobs for setting and adjustment of the preset. The preset can be any three-digit value from .01 Sec to 999 Hrs. The decimal and range are switch selectable. The high-intensity blue vacuum fluorescent display is DIP switch selectable to Timeup or Timedown. Two heavy-duty 7A DPDT relays provide instantaneous, interval or delayed output control. Plug-in panel mounting allows easy replacement without the removal of field wiring.

Computation: Through its internal microcomputer, the 365C long-ranger computing timer keeps track of the set point throughout the time cycle. Whenever there is a change in set point, even during a cycle, it instantly re-computes the time remaining and accurately determines time-out. This unique capability is especially valuable in the time-down modes as it allows you to shorten a cycle without loss of accuracy.

Positive Reset Time and Pulse Length: Digitally clocked by the microcomputer, the 365C's reset time is consistently of the same duration, regardless of variations in line voltage, power supply or time cycle. As a result, the 365C long-ranger computing timer is not subject to false reset from momentary power interruptions (less than 30 ms). When the 365C operates in repeat-cycle mode, the output pulse is also digitally clocked so that both its occurrence and duration are consistent.

Wide Range: Each 365C long-ranger computing timer covers the overall span of 0.01 sec. to 999 hrs., in nine switch-selected ranges of 0 to 9.99,99.9 or 999 sec., min. or hrs. The timer can be optimized within any selected range simply by removing appropriate selector knobs (e.g. with the timer in the 9.99 sec. range, you can obtain a tamper-proof span of 0.99 by setting the left selector at 0 and removing the knob).

Programmable Display: Depending on the position of an internal jumper, the 365C's three-digit cycle progress display will time UP to or DOWN from the set point; after time-out, it will either STOP or GO (i.e. display the time elapsed after time-out). To the right of the three-digit display, a timing bar "-" blinks once per second during the timing cycle and rapidly after time-out. At left, a marker "∇" turns on when the delayed relay is energized. The 365C long-ranger computing timer is also available without display but with a pilot light that blinks once per second during the cycle and rapidly after time-out.

Noise Immunity: The 365C long-ranger computing timer has formidable defenses against noise: transformer power supply, full-wave bridges, buffered logic. Furthermore its microcomputer detects; and rejects; noise pulses that manage to penetrate its defenses. No industrial timer has ever offered greater noise immunity.

Reliability and Ruggedness: ATC firmly believes that no industrial timer has ever achieved a higher level of reliability and ruggedness. The 365C's electronic components have no moving parts and are assembled, virtually without hand wiring, from computer-tested circuit boards. Its few mechanical components have been selected for reliable service; the two load relays have a life expectancy of 100,000,000 operations and heavy-duty contacts rated at 7 amps; and the three rotary set point selector switches exhibit extremely low wear.

Compact, Plug-In and Dust-Tight: Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN housing, the 365C long-ranger computing timer occupies 40% less panel space than conventional timers. It is a true plug-in timer that can be replaced in seconds without disturbing housing or wiring. The 365C is also fully gasketed and O-ring sealed to be dust and water-tight.

Self-Diagnostics: The time will display "FAIL" anytime there is a problem or the knobs are in between digits.

  • Industry standard digital timer
  • Adjustable range 0.01 sec. to 999 hours
  • High brightness VF display
  • High noise immunity
  • UL recognized

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Reset Time:Clocked at 60 mSEC
Repeat Accuracy:± .001% ± .010 SEC of setting
Setting Accuracy:± .01% + .030 SEC of setting
Range:Switch-selectable ranges of 0-9.99, 0-99.9 and 0-999 SEC, MIN or HR
Voltage & Frequency:120 VAC 50-60 Hz
Features:Basic plug-in unit
Arrangement:Time up or down and go
Terminals:16 screw terminals accessible at rear
Housing:72mm2 DIN size; plug-in design; fully gasketed, dust and water-tight in panel mounted installations
Temperature Rating:32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)

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