• ATC 366C Series Adjustable Long-Ranger Computing Counter, 366C-400-T-30-PX

ATC 366C Series Adjustable Long-Ranger Computing Counter, 366C-400-T-30-PX

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Based on a powerful built-in microcomputer, the compact 366 is the most versatile and cost-effective counter ATC has ever built. No industrial counter has ever achieved a higher level of reliability and ruggedness than the 366. It has no moving parts in its electronic logic circuits, only plug-in circuit boards which are computer-tested for reliability and assembled virtually without hand wiring. Its few mechanical components have been selected for reliable service; long life relays with heavy-duty contacts and rotary set point selector switches with extremely low wear characteristics.

Contact Bounce and Noise Immunity: No industrial counter offers greater immunity to noise and contact bounce than the 366. Most noise encountered in typical industrial environments is blocked by such design features as full-wave bridges and a transformer power supply… so effectively that the 366 does not have to be shielded. Furthermore the 366's microcomputer employs redundant sampling logic to detect and reject any noise pulse that manages to penetrate its defenses. Through the same powerful technique, the microcomputer also detects and rejects even severe contact bounce. As a result, the 366 maintains absolute count accuracy and is virtually immune to false starts and reset, even in difficult industrial environments.

Computation: Through its internal microcomputer, the 366 keeps track of the set point throughout the count cycle. Whenever there is a change in set point, even during a cycle, it instantly recomputes the remaining count and accurately determines the number of counts before count-out. This unique capability is especially valuable in the count-down modes as it allows you to shorten or lengthen a cycle without loss of accuracy.

Programmable Display: The 366's three-digit cycle progress display will count UP to or DOWN from the set point, depending on the position of an internal jumper. After count-out, the display will either STOP or GO. In the UP & GO program, the display counts up to the set point and continues to count after count-out; in the DOWN & GO mode, it counts down to the set point, then begins to count up (from zero) after count-out.

Wide Range: Each 366 Long-Ranger covers the overall span of 1 to 99,900 counts in three switch-selected ranges of 1 to 999, 10 to 9990 or 100 to 99,900. It can be optimized within any selected range simply by removing appropriate selector knobs (e.g. with the counter in the 1 to 999 range, you can obtain a tamper-proof span of 1 to 99 by setting the left selector at 0 and removing the knob.) To the right of the three-digit display, a counting bar () blinks on each time a pulse is received. At left, a marker turns on when the delayed relay is energized at count-out.

Self-Diagnostics: A built-in diagnostic program lets you verify-without using any test instrument-that the counter's functional circuits are operating properly. Just follow the instructions on the flip-up card, using the counter's own display for the test readout. If all self-test displays are correct, any malfunction is almost certainly due to external circuits or to the relays, not the counter.

Compact, Plug-In and Dust-Tight: Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN housing, the 366 occupies 40% less panel space than most other industrial counters. It is a true plug-in counter that can be replaced in seconds without disturbing housing or wiring. The 366B is also fully gasketed and O ring sealed to be dust and water-tight whether panel or surface-mounted.

Positive Reset Time and Pulse Length: Digitally clocked by the microcomputer, the 366B's reset time is consistently of the same duration, regardless of variations in line voltage, power supply or cycle length. When the 366B operates in repeat-cycle mode, the output pulse is also digitally clocked so that both the time of occurrence and its duration are consistent from cycle to cycle.

  • Industry Standard Counter
  • Contact Bounce and Noise Immunity
  • Programmable Display
  • Wide Range of Counts
  • Compact, Plug-In and Dust Tight

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Reset Time:Clocked at 40 mSEC
Repeat Accuracy:100% (+ 0 count on all ranges)
Range:Switch-selectable ranges of 1 to 999, 10 to 9990, and 12 to 99900
Voltage & Frequency:24 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Features:Basic plug-in unit
Arrangement:Selectable Count Up or Count Down 30 with Display
Terminals:16 screw terminals accessible at rear; integral wiring diagram
Housing:72mm2 DIN size; plug-in design; fully gasketed, dust and water-tight in panel mounted installations
Temperature Rating:32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)

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