• ATC 376B Series Single/Dual Adjustable Preset Counter, 376B-200-R-50-L-X

ATC 376B Series Single/Dual Adjustable Preset Counter, 376B-200-R-50-L-X

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The Series 376B Preset Counter is a predetermining counter that will count high speed unidirectional, bi-directional, or quadrature input signals, and will activate an output when the predetermined preset value is reached. The unit is available in both Single and Dual Preset models, and includes an internal totalizer. Also, the 376B counter will operate as a Batch Counter using the second preset as a Batch Preset. The Series 376B comes with a variety of counting modes.

High Speed Counting: The Single Preset 376B counts at a maximum frequency of 10 kHz. In addition to its high speed capabilities, a debounce circuit can be enabled to limit the count frequency to 100 Hz.

Counting Modes: The 376B is available as a Single Preset or a Dual Preset Counter. The Dual Preset Counter can be set as a Batch Counter. Both the Single Preset and the Dual Preset versions have an internal Totalizing Counter which will accumulate counts over numerous cycles. The 376B can be set up for Interval Counting Mode using a separate Start Signal, and can also be set up for Count with Inhibit Mode.

Inputs/Outputs: Two count inputs are available with the 376B. These inputs can be set to count Uni-and Bi-directionally. They can also be set to accept Quadrature inputs and can multiply the quadrature signals X1, X2 and X4. Input 2 also operates as the Start input in Interval Mode and as the inhibit input in Count with Inhibit Mode.

These two inputs can be set to accept Current Sinking or Sourcing signals, and there is a High/Low Threshold (Bias) setting allowing the input of TTL level signals.

Two types of outputs are available. The Relay outputs are rated for 10 A at 250 VAC and 30 VDC. The NPN Transistor outputs are current sinking and are rated for 100 mA at 30 VDC. These outputs are field replaceable. Each output can be set to either Latch ON, Remain ON for a Time Delay, or turn OFF at a Preset.

Scale Factor: A Prescale value can be set which allows the operator to view and set counts using real units of measure. The Prescale value is a multiplier which is applied to the count inputs to determine the display and preset values. The Prescale value can be set from 0.00001 to 9.99999. The 376B also allows setting of the decimal point position in any of 6 positions.

Resetting the Counter: The Counter can be reset using the Reset key on the panel or by using the external Reset Inputs. There are three current sinking external inputs. Each one is dedicated to resetting the Process, Batch and Totalizing Counters. In addition, the 376B can be set to either retain its count or reset upon power failure.

Operator Panel and Housing: The 376B operator panel is dust and water tight and measures a compact 72 mm2. The panel features a high intensity blue vacuum fluorescent display. The display uses 8 digits for its English language operator prompts and 6 digits to display the count value. For operator use, there are 4 snap action keys which allow the operator to easily view Process Count, Batch Count, Totalizer Count, Presets, Scale Factor, Output Settings and Decimal Point position. The 376B can be set to lock out various displays from the operator. One key is dedicated to Resetting the Counter. This key can also be locked out.

Set-Up: Set-up of the 376B is accomplished using 16 DIP switches which are located inside the unit. These DIP switches give a visual indication of how the Counter is set-up, and eliminate the use of complex programming codes. Field replacement of the unit is quick. To replace a unit, remove the old unit from its housing, set the DIP switches in the new unit to the same positions, and plug the new unit in. It's that simple.

Auxiliary Power Supply: To power sensor and encoder inputs, a regulated 12 VDC auxiliary power supply is provided. This supply can provide 120 mA of current, and is short circuit protected.

  • 6 Digit Count Display
  • Single Preset, Dual Preset, Batch Counting Modes
  • Interval Counting Mode with Separate Start
  • Count with Inhibit Mode
  • Internal Totalizing Counter
  • Prescaler 0.00001 to 9.99999
  • 6 Decimal Point Positions
  • High Intensity Blue V-F Display
  • Easy English Language Operator Prompts
  • 72mm2 Panel - Dust, Water Tight
  • 4 Snap-Action Keys
  • Plug-in Housing (Quick Replacement)
  • Sinking, Sourcing, TTL Inputs
  • Single, Bidirectional, and Quadrature (X1, X2, X4) Counting
  • Relay or Transistor Outputs
  • Outputs Latched, Timed, or Off at Presets
  • Regulated 12 VDC Aux. Power Supply

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Presets:Dual Preset (with batch)
Voltage & Frequency:240, 50/60 Hz
Function:Counter with Sealing
Output Type:NPN Transistor
Features:Standard unit
Terminals:16 screw terminals located accessible from rear
Housing:Plug in, 72mm2 DIN
Fully Gasketed, Dust and Watertight
Temperature Rating:0 to 122° F (-18 C to 50 C)

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