• ATC 425A Adjustable 1/16 DIN LED Digital Display Timer, 425A-300-Q-20-X-X

ATC 425A Adjustable 1/16 DIN LED Digital Display Timer, 425A-300-Q-20-X-X

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The 425A Series is an easy-to-read, high intensity, green LED display timer.

Digital Setting: The 425A is set digitally by rotating each setting knob until the desired time preset is displayed by the number wheels on the front of the timer. The digital setting allows exact, accurate and repeatable timing cycles.

High Accuracy: The 425A utilizes a crystal controlled oscillator which provides 0.1% timing accuracy across all rated voltages and temperatures.

Cycle Progress Indication: The 425A offers the industry's brightest green LED display in a 1/16 DIN package. Depending on the Model, the three-digit LED display will time UP to or DOWN from the Time Preset.

Through its internal micro controller, the 425A keeps track of the time setting by monitoring each of the three time preset switches. Whenever a change is made in the time preset, even during a cycle, the 425A instantly re-computes and adjusts the current timing cycle.

1/16 DIN Housing: The 48mm2 (1/16 DIN) housing is compact, allowing the 425A to be panel mounted or plug-in using an 8-pin octal socket. The decimal point and sec/min/hrs switches are located on the side of the unit. When panel mounted, these range switches are not accessible to the operator. This tamper-proof feature prevents unauthorized or hazardous changes to the timing range.

Memory Option: The 425A can be ordered as standard with an EEPROM memory. This allows the 425A to retain the elapse time or time remaining during momentary or sustained power interruptions.

Instantaneous and Delayed Relay Versions: A version of the 425A is available with one set of SPDT instantaneous contacts and one set of SPDT delayed contacts.

Delayed Relay Version: A version of the 425A is available with DPDT delayed contacts.

  • Easy-To-Read High Intensity Green LED Display
  • Timing From .01 Sec. to 999 Hrs in One Unit
    Switch Selectable Timing Ranges Are Tamper Proof When Panel Mounted
  • Timing LED Indicates Output Relay Status
  • Time Preset Can Be Adjusted While Timing
  • EEPROM memory Option Standard Feature
  • Passes NEMA Showering Arc Noise Test
  • Panel Mounting or 8-pin Octal Plug-in mounting
  • Timing Up to or Down From the Set Point

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Repeat Accuracy:± .1% over rated voltages
Range:Switch Selectable, 0 to 9.99,99.9 or 999 Sec/Min/Hrs
Voltage & Frequency:120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output Arrangement:Delay Relay (DPDT)
Features:Standard (Time Up)
Reset Time:100 mSEC minimum
Power Requirements:120 VAC, 50/60 Hz;(10%,-20%); 5 WATT maximum
Memory:Standard-No Memory
Housing:1/16 DIN (48mm x 48mm) Housing
Mounting:8-Pin Octal plug-in base, Panel Mounting Bracket
Temperature Rating:0 to 140° F (-18 C to 60 C)

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