• ATC 385A Series Adjustable Timer/Counter with Memory, 385A-500-Q-50-PX

ATC 385A Series Adjustable Timer/Counter with Memory, 385A-500-Q-50-PX

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In the timer mode, the 385 can be programmed to cover the overall span of 0.01 SEC to 999 HR in nine ranges, and can be programmed to time in Hours:Minutes and Minutes:Seconds. In the counter mode, it can cover the overall span of 1 to 99,900 counts in two ranges.

MULTIPLE RELAY ACTIONS: The relationship between the 385's two DPDT relays, Relay 1 and Relay 2 can be programmed for any of the four modes of operation to satisfy virtually any control scheme.

MULTIPLE STARTING OPTIONS: The 385 can be easily programmed to start with a momentary or sustained start signal. The start signal can also be set for a voltage or no voltage starting condition.

NEW TIMING AND COUNTING MODES: The 385 has two new modes of operation. The flip-flop timer/counter with batch, which can be programmed to function as a flip-flop that will stop after a certain number of cycles or a time span. The other new flip-flop function is a standard flip-flop with a programmable dwell between the relays.

DISPLAY: The display is an LED dual display which can be programmed to run UP to or DOWN from the set point. The lower display shows the present selected to view and the upper display shows the cycle progress.

NON-VOLATILE MEMORY: The 385 retains its entire program and present time/count periods even when there is a loss of power. No batteries are required.

REAL-TIME COMPUTATIONS: The 385's microcomputer instantly recomputes time/count-out when there is a change in the set point during a cycle. This allows you to shorten a cycle without loss of accuracy.

COMPACT, PLUG-IN AND DUST-TIGHT: Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN housing, the 385 takes 40% less panel space than conventional timers. A true plug-in design, it can be replaced in seconds without disturbing housing or wiring. Fully gasketed and sealed, it is dust tight in panel mounted installations. SETUP: Setup of the 385 is accomplished using 16 DIP switches which are located inside the unit. These DIP switches give a visual indication of how the Controller is setup, and eliminates the use of complex programming codes.

Product Specifications

Voltage & Frequency:120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Features:Basic plug-in unit

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