• ChemTec Adjustable Flow Monitor 125-316-NO

ChemTec Adjustable Flow Monitor 125-316-NO

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  • Broad range of adjustability
  • Compact size
  • High resolution
  • Materials: 316SS, brass, or Teflon
  • Confirms: normal flow conditions
  • Sense: high flow and low flow conditions
  • Output: switch contact
  • Welding systems
  • Analyzers
  • Vacuum systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Chillers
  • Biomedical instruments
  • Process flow

A magnetic piston is suspended by the repulsion of a fixed magnet. When fluid flows through the unit it causes the magnetic piston to move against the repulsion of the fixed magnet. The magnet piston actuates an encapsulated hermetically-sealed reed switch out of the fluid path. Decreasing the flow below the calibration point causes the reed switch to de-actuate. Set point is adjustable.
  • Actuation points for air at 68L F and 14.7 PSIA with increasing flow
  • Deactuation (decreasing flow) averages 30% less than actuation (increasing flow)
  • Repeatability ±2%
  • Unit will pass greater flows

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Body Material:316 stainless steel
Switch:Single Pole Single Throw Normally Open
Max. Working Pressure:3000 psig (206.84 barg)
Wetted Parts:316SS, expoxy
Temperature Opearting Range:0° to 220°F (-17° to 104°C)
Calibration Range
Air:30 to 16,000 scc/m (0.063 to 33.90 scfh)
Water:1 to 5000 ml/m (0.016 to 7.93 gph)
Port Size:1/8" FNPT
Pressure Loss Table
Air Flow Rate:30, 310, 1500, 16000 cc/m (.064, .657, 3.178, 33.9 scfh)
Water Flow Rate:1.0, 30, 300, 500 ml/m (0.016, 0.48, 4.76, 7.93 gph)
Differential Pressure:8.71, 25.8, 29.7, 63.8 mbars (3.50, 10.38, 11.92, 25.63 inches of water)

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