ChemTec Flow Meter Series MAO-125/250

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  • No bearings
  • Single moving part
  • In line metering
  • No rotating internals
  • Materials: Teflon, brass, or 316SS
  • Output: Analog or digital
  • Measures low flows
  • Wet benches
  • Cooling system
  • Corrosive chemical dispensing
  • Materials consumption measurement
  • Process controls
  • Operations:

    When fluid flows through the unit it displaces the Teflon® encapsulated magnetic piston. This displacement is proportional to the volumetric flow through the unit. A transducer, encapsulated in the body outside the fluid path, senses the displacement of the piston. The transducer's signal is converted by a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit then sends the signal to three types of outputs: voltage, pulse and current loop.
    • Totaly Accuracy: ± 5%
    • Repeatability: ± 2% full scale
    • Linearity: ± 2%full scale

    Product Specifications

    General Specifications

    Body MaterialMaximum Working Pressure PSIG (BARG)Wetted PartsSeal
    Teflon®80 (5.52)Teflon®Teflon®
    Brass1500 (103.42)Brass, EpoxyViton
    316SS3000 (206.84)316SS, EpoxyViton
    Pressure Loss Table
    Air Flow Rate CC/M (SCFH)Water Flow Rate ML/M (GPH)ΔP to Atmosphere MBARS(Inches of Water)
    30 (.064)1.0 (0.016)8.71 (3.50)
    310 (.657)30 (0.48)25.8 (10.38)
    1500 (3.178)300 (4.76)29.7 (11.92)
    16000 (33.9)500 (7.93)63.8 (25.63)
    Calibration Range

    ModelAir SLPM (SCFM)Water LPM (GPH)Ports FNPT
    25Minimum30 (0.063)1 (0.016)1/8"
     Maximum16,000 (33.90)500 (7.93)