• ChemTec Manual Reset Adjustable Exess Flow Valve Series EFV-MRS

ChemTec Manual Reset Adjustable Exess Flow Valve Series EFV-MRS

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Shipping Weight:
2.00 LBS


  • Field adjustable
  • Manual reset
  • Materials: 316SS
  • Detects excess flows
  • Detects increases in media viscosity
  • Fuction: Shuts off flow
  • Output: Switch contact
  • Plant lines
  • Regulator failure
  • Fitting failure
  • Toxic gases & liquids
  • Gas distribution systems
  • Gas analyzers
  • Loss control
  • Operations:

    Flow enters the unit and makes a right angle to the outlet port across the nose of a magnetic piston. The piston is held in place by attraction to an adjusting screw magnet. A pressure differential is created by flow across the piston. When the differential is great enough, the piston slides to a seat at the outlet port. THe flow rate at which the piston actuates can be changed externally by turning the adjusting screw, thereby changing the piston's relationship with the flow stream.

    The piston makes a bubble tight seal when it comes in contact with the seat. The reopen the unit, turn the balancing valve handle on the side. This ports the upstream pipeline to the downstream pipeline. When the pressure is equalized on each side of the piston, it will reset. The unit is returned to normal operation by closing the balancing valve.
    • Actuation points for air at 68° F and 14.7 psia
    • Corrections must be used for other gases, line pressure and temperatures

    Product Specifications

    Body MaterialMax Working Pressure PSIG (barg)Wetted PartsSealBalancing Valve Packaging
    Brass1500 (103.42)Brass, Epoxy, DelrinViton®Teflon®
    316SS3000 (206.84)316SS, EpoxyViton®Teflon®