• KAL A Thermo Flow Transmitter, 316 Ti Stainless Steel, 1/2" NPT KAL-7315

KOBOLD Instruments KAL-7315 KAL A Thermo Flow Transmitter, 316 Ti Stainless Steel, 1/2" NPT

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The KAL-A uses the calorimetric principle to continuously monitor the flow of low viscosity, water-based media. Flow rate is transmitted via a 4-20 mA output while an optional switch provides an alarm function. The transmission capability of the KAL-A is made possible by the high degree of temperature stability provided by its "intelligent" microprocessor based design. This digital approach also enables the use of a single RTD element to both heat the probe tip and measure temperature. Integrating the heating measuring functions allows the probe to be machined into a single, continuous, protrusion-free surface. The absence of protrusions prevents contamination from building up on the probe tip. These design enhancements improve the KAL's performance in two ways: sensing stability is increased because contaminant cannot thermally isolate the probe from the liquid, and system down-time associated with probe cleaning is dramatically decreased. Stability and reliability are a KOBOLD KAL trademark.

The KAL design is based on the time proven calorimetric principle. The sensor is internally heated to a few degrees above the temperature of the media. Flow causes removal of heat from the sensor, resulting in a cooling effect. The rate of cooling is a measure of the flow velocity. The microprocessor-based design of the KAL distinguishes it from the competition. Full temperature compensation of the flow rate is readily obtained through a simple, one-time, calibration procedure. This assures elimination of flow rate reading drift caused by temperature variations in the process liquid.

The KOBOLD KAL flow products use a microprocessor to compensate for temperature changes through use of an internal lookup table. End-users can easily adapt the equipment to their unique installations. Unlike conventional calorimetric flow switches, the technically advanced design of the KAL provides a flow reading which is largely unaffected by temperature.


  • Microprocessor-Based Drift Stabilization
  • NPT and 3-A Compliant Sanitary Fittings
  • No Moving Parts
  • Extremely Low Pressure Loss
  • Easy to Operate
  • Insensitive to Dirt
  • 4-20 mA Flow Rate Signal with Optional Switch Output

Product Specifications

Fittings½" NPT
Model Material316-Ti SS
Sensing Range0.04-2 m/s
MediaWater-Based Liquids
Operating Temperature0-176 °F
Maximum Pressure (Threaded)1450 PSIG
Maximum Pressure (Sanitary)600 PSIG or per Clamp Rating
ProtectionIP 65

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