• Mensor Medium Range Calibration Bath CTB9400

Mensor Medium Range Calibration Bath CTB9400

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Shipping Weight:
49.00 LBS


The calibration baths are available in two different versions:
  • Model CTB9400 for temperature ranges 28 to 300 ° C
  • Model CTB9500 for temperature ranges -45 to +200 °C

WIKA calibration baths are an ideal temperature source for the calibration of temperature probes, both in the workshop and the laboratory.

For calibration, the test items and the standard thermometer are brought to the same temperature within the bath. As soon as a stable temperature has been reached, the test items are read, or their output signals measured, and compared with the standard thermometer.

In order to achieve a small measurement uncertainty within this comparison, a temperature control unit is needed which guarantees a homogeneous temperature distribution and a constant temperature over time within the calibration range. These requirements are fulfilled by these baths.

Along with the bath, the bath fluid also plays a significant role. To ensure homogeneous temperature distribution, the selected fluid should have a high thermal conductivity and low viscosity. Moreover, the fluid should be inert, have a low vapour pressure, should not decompose chemically, not burn, and should maintain its properties over a wide temperature range. In practice, silicone oils have proven themselves here.

  • Calibration in laboratories and in control and instrumentation workshops
  • Calibration of short temperature probes, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Simultaneous calibration of several sensors

Special Features:
  • Controller with 5.7" colour touchscreen and menu navigation in 11 languages
  • 2 x USB (host, device), Ethernet and RS-232 interface
  • High-accuracy, reliable temperature control
  • 5-point calibration for control sensors (optional)

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Temperature Range:28 to 300 °C
Stability:0.02 K
Display Resolution:0.1 °C, (0.01 °C only on exclusive version)
Display Units:°C/°F - selectable
Voltage Supply
Power Supply:AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
AC 400 V, 50 Hz, 3~
AC 208 V, 60 Hz, 2~
Power Consumption
Current Supply:max. 14 A
Current Supply with 3-Phase Supply:max. 11 A
Fuse:16 A
Fuses with 3-Phase:3 x 16 A
Heating Power at 230 VAC:3,000 W
Interface:USB, Ethernet, RS-232
Selectable User Languages:EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU, CN, PT, JP, CZ, PL
Bad Dimensions
Minimum filling volume:11.5 litres
Bath Opening, W x D:270 x 145 mm
Bath Depth:200 mm
Dimensions, W x D x H:335 x 382 x 433 mm
Weight (empty):22 kg

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