• Mensor Process Calibrator CPH6000

Mensor Process Calibrator CPH6000

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For a solution that always matches the application, there are many pressure sensors to choose from, with accuracies of up to 0.025% and measuring ranges up to 8,000 bar, which can be interchanged quickly and without tools. In addition to being fixed to the instrument, the reference pressure sensor can, optionally, be used externally via an approx. 1.2 m long connecting cable. If the reference pressure sensor on the instrument is changed, then the digital indicator will recognise the new measuring range and so this saves the operator from having to configure it via the menu.

In the setup menu there are 3 operating modes to choose from: MEASURING, CALIBRATION and PRESSURE SWITCH-TEST. In the CALIBRATION and PRESSURE SWITCH-TEST modes, a menu assistant supports the user during each operation and records, for example, the calibration data from several calibrations or automatically calculates the switch hysteresis. To power the test item and to read its measurement signals, there are electrical inputs and outputs which are protected from adverse conditions in the field by captive protection caps.

For the evaluation and documentation of the calibration data stored in the CPH6000, WIKA-CAL calibration software is available. Using this software, the data is automatically transferred into a printable calibration certificate. Furthermore, WIKA-CAL also offers, over and above PC-supported calibration, the management of the calibration and instrument data in an SQL database. For data transfer, an RS-232 and a USB interface are available.

  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Measurement and control laboratories
  • Quality assurance
  • Maintenance facilities

Special Features:
  • Digital indicator with easily interchangeable reference pressure sensors (sensor can also be attached externally)
  • Measuring ranges from 0 to 250 mbar to 0 to 8,000 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.025% (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Calibration and pressure-switch test functions
  • Software and complete service cases (incl. pumps) available

Product Specifications

Sensor Technology1 reference pressure sensor (interchangeable without tools); optional: external operation via 1.2 m cable
Measuring Range:bar0 to 0.250 to 0.40 to 0.60 to 10 to 1.60 to 2.50 to 40 to 60 to 100 to 16
Overpressure Limit:bar1.6245101014353580
Burst Pressure:bar2.42.44.86121220.5404296
Accuracy:0.025% FS
Measuring Range:bar0 to 250 to 400 to 600 to 1000 to 1600 to 2500 to 4000 to 6000 to 1,000
Overpressure Limit:bar80801202003205008001,2001,500
Burst Pressure:bar96965508001,0001,2001,7002,4003,000
Accuracy:0.025% FS
Measuring Range:bar0 to 1,6000 to 2,5000 to 4,0000 to 5,0000 to 6,0000 to 7,0000 to 8,000
Overpressure Limit:bar2,3003,5005,0006,0007,0008,00010,000
Burst Pressure:bar4,0006,0008,00010,00011,00011,00012,000
Accuracy:0.1% FS 0.15% FS
Types of Pressure:Relative pressure, {absolute pressure measuring ranges from 0 to 25 bar abs. and vacuum measuring ranges from -1 to +39 bar}
Sensor Compatibility:Compatible with model CPT6000 reference pressure sensors
Display:Large TFT colour screen for the display of reference and test signals and additional information
Display Resolution:up to 6 digits; adjustable
Pressure Units:mbar, bar, psi, Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, mmHg, cmHg, inHg, mmH2O, cmH2O, mH2O, inH2O, kg/cm² and a customer-specific unit (freely selectable dependant on measuring range)
Measuring Rate:2 values/s
Min/Max memory, Tare, Min/Max alarm (audible/visual), filter (running average), zero-point adjustment, PowerSave function
Menu Languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian (settable)
Calibrate function
Memory Capacity:up to 16 test items
Test Points/Test Item:up to 32 comparison points
SWITCH-TEST function
Switch Points:Determination of the switch point and automatic calculation of the hysteresis
Measuring Input, Voltage
Measuring Range:0 to 20 mA; 4 to 20 mA
Resolution:up to 6 digits; adjustable
Accuracy:1.6 µA
Voltage Supply:DC 24 V [load: max. 50 mA; min 20 mA] (can be activated via menu)
Power Supply
Supply:Internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (charging time: < 6 h)
Battery Life:approx. 20 hours of operation:

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