• Mensor Temperature Dry-Well Calibrator CTD9100-ZERO

Mensor Temperature Dry-Well Calibrator CTD9100-ZERO

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Shipping Weight:
16.00 LBS


Fast and simple testing of thermometers is a "must", especially when it concerns the reliability of operation of plant and machinery. Regular examination of temperature sensors helps to reduce both failures and production downtime. This block calibrator not only calibrates, but it also controls temperature. It can simply and easily generate a stable reference temperature, thus simplifying the calibration of thermocouples. The complexity of water fixed-point cells and the danger of freezing and damage in transport are avoided. In comparison to the competition, the 'freezing-point calibrator' can not only realise the absolute zero point, but it can also, through active cooling, realise more test temperatures.

  • Simple calibration of thermometers at 0 °C
  • Realising the reference junction for thermocouples
  • Application in test stands and calibration laboratories
Special Features:
  • Cost-effective
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Temperature range:°C-10 … 0 … +100
Accuracy:K0.05 at 0 °C otherwise 0.1
Stability:K< 0.05
Display resolution:°C0.1
Gradients, axial:K< 0.05
Heating-up time:min15 from -10 °C to +100 °C
Cool-down time:min5 from 23 °C to 0 °C
10 from 100 °C to 0 °C
Interface: RS-485

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