• Meriam TIO0110 T/C Module ZTIO0110

Meriam TIO0110 T/C Module ZTIO0110

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The TIO0110 is a thermocouple (T/C) measurement and simulation module for use with the Meriam MFT 4000 Series Multi-Function Tester. The module will accurately measure or source ±110 milli-Volts (mV) for any of twelve (12) different T/C types according to NIST 175, ITS-90 (default) or ITS-68 standards. In the measure mode, the TIO0110 module converts mV dc to a temperature value in the user-selected temperature unit (°F, °C, °R or °K) and per the selected standard. Milli-volts can also be displayed for direct reading or trouble shooting needs.

In the simulate mode, the TIO0110 module simulates an accurate mV signal to a receiving device. Users can enter the precise simulation temperature value, change the value with ramping controls on the MFT, or set-up and select from three Auto-step test procedures per T/C type. Test points are determined by the user and can be stepped through automatically or manually as desired. See T/C Table 1 on page 2 for available T/C types and measurement / simulation accuracy.

T/C calibration coefficients are factory loaded into module memory for instant access by the base MFT. Field recalibration of the module is provided by the MFT?s "Rcal" feature.

  • Measure or source ±110mV for 12 T/C types (Supports types B, C, D, E, J, K, M, N, P, R, S, T)
  • Power is supplied from MFT (simulate mode only)
  • NIST traceable mV functions

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Input Impedance:> 10 megohms
Warm-up time:≤ 1 Minute to full rated accuracy
mV Accuracy:±0.025% R + 0.005% FS
Temperature Effect:≤ 2uV/°C
T/C Meas. Accuracy:±0.3° C for E, J, K, N, and T types
± 1.0° C for B, R and S types
±0.5° C for C, D, M and P types
Connector:Measure: Standard mini-T/C connector
Source: Standard mini-T/C connector
Temperature:Storage -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C)
Operating 23° F to 122° F (-5° C to 50° C)
Cold junction effect:± 0.5° C max
Resolution:± 0.1° or ±1° for T/Cs, ±0.001 for mV
Voltage range:±110.000 mV dc
Units:°F, °C, °R, °K, mV
Power:Supplied from MFT (simulate mode only)

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