• WIKA Wallace & Tiernan Absolute Pressure Gauge Series 300-6A

WIKA High Precision Absolute Pressure Gauge Series 300-6A

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Series 300-6A
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Direct Readout, No Barometric Adjustments
Because applied pressure is referenced against an evacuated element, WIKA gauges read out true absolute pressure directly. No corrections or adjustments required.

Convenience in the Low Pressure Ranges
Available in the low-pressure ranges (lowest is 0.1-20 mm Hg). The Series 300 is a reliable, mechanical indicator, which reads absolute pressure directly.

Excellent Readability
With a 16" scale, the Series 300 offers excellent readability. Graduations have ample white space between them. Numbers on the dial are horizontally placed and a mirror ring eliminates parallax errors.

Calibration is Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
A computer-assisted plotter marks calibration points and the graduations between them on each dial. This produces a scale which precisely matches the characteristics of its own mechanism and pressure element. Instruments supplied are certified traceable to NIST.

Performs Better than the Rated Accuracy
A readable scale, dials individually matched to precision mechanisms, and excellent repeatability add up to an accuracy of 0.3% and a sensitivity of 0.2% of full scale. These figures are the minimum performance, which can be expected. After rigorous testing, any series 300 Gauge that fails to perform better than the rated accuracy is rejected.

Sensitive, Yet Rugged
A small, sensitive capsule responds to minute pressure changes. Low-inertia parts throughout and a linkage containing flexures and jewel bearings mean high sensitivity. The Series 300 has a heavy aluminum case with a tempered-glass dial cover.

Optional excess pressure relief valve in the line is designed to prevent exceeding maximum case pressure. The sub-atmospheric ranges have a check valve, which protects the mechanism from sudden release to atmosphere.

Product Specifications

Dial Size 6"
Accuracy 0.3% of full scale

Standard Ranges and Ordering Numbers

Pressure Range Graduation Ordering Number
0.1-20 mm Hg 0.1 mm 61C-1D-0020
0-50 mm Hg 0.2 mm 61C-1D-0050
0-100 mm Hg 0.5 mm 61C-1D-0100
0-200 mm Hg 1.0 mm 61C-1D-0200
0-410 mm Hg 2.0 mm 61C-1D-0410
0-800 mm Hg 5.0 mm 61C-1D-0800
390-800 mm Hg 2.0 mm 61C-1D-0390
0-15 psia 0.1 psia 61C-1A-0015
0-130psia 0.2 psia 61C-1A-0030

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