• WIKA Wallace & Tiernan Differential Pressure Gauge Series 300-6D

WIKA High Precision Differential Pressure Gauge Series 300-6D

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Series 300-6D
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Convenience in the Low Pressure Ranges
Available in the low-pressure ranges (lowest is 0-10" water). The Series 300 is a reliable mechanical indicator, which reads out differential pressure directly. It is less expensive, more convenient, and easier to use than most electronic transducers and lab type liquid columns.

Excellent Readability
With a 16" scale, the Series 300 offers excellent readability. (In the lowest range, 0 to 10" water, the minimum graduation represents 0.05" water.) Graduations have ample white space between them. This and a knife-edge pointer read out to be better than 0.1% of full scale. Numbers on the dial are horizontally placed and a mirror ring eliminates parallax errors.

Calibration is Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
A computer-assisted plotter marks calibration points and the graduations between them on each dial. This produces a scale, that precisely matches the characteristics of its own pressure capsule and mechanism. Instruments supplied are certified traceable to NIST.

Performs Better than the Rated Accuracy Of 0.33% of Full Scale
A readable scale, individually matched dials and mechanisms, excellent repeatability, and a precision mechanism add up to an accuracy of 0.33% full scale and a sensitivity of 0.2% full scale. These figures are the minimum performance, which can be expected. After rigorous testing, any Series 300 gauge which fails to better the rated accuracy is rejected.

Rugged Design
The heavy aluminum case has tempered-glass window. Overpressuring the instrument up to 10% above its full scale range will not damage the mechanism nor affect accuracy. A built-in relief valve has a dumping capacity that protects the case from applied pressure up to 10 times the maximum case pressure. (Optional relief valve U-18073, with higher dumping capacity, protects against applied pressure up to 40 times the maximum case pressure.)

This valve is an emergency-protective device only. Systems must be designed to operate at pressures no higher than 10% above full-scale range.

Product Specifications

Dial Size 6"
Accuracy 0.3% of full scale
Sensitivity 0.2% of full scale

Standard Ranges and Ordering Numbers

Pressure RangeGraduationOrdering Number
0-10" water 0.05" 62C-2C-0010
0-20" water 0.1" 62C-2C-0020
0-40" water 0.2" 62C-2C-0040
0-60" water 0.5" 62C-2C-0060
0-100" water 0.5" 62C-2C-0100
0-200" water 1.0" 62C-2C-0200
0-300" water 2.0" 62C-2C-0300
0-400" water 2.0" 62C-2C-0400
0-15 psi 0.1 psi 62C-2A-0015
0-30 psi 0.2 psi 62C-2A-0030
0-60 psi 0.5 psi 62C-2A-0060
0-100 psi 0.5 psi 62C-2A-0100
-10" water to 0 0.05" 62C-3C-0010
-20" water to 0 0.1" 62C-3C-0020
-400" water to 0 2.0" 62C-3C-0400
-5 to 0 to 5" water 0.05" 62C-5C-0010
-10 to 0 to 10" water 0.1" 62C-5C-0020
-20 to 0 to 20" water 0.2" 62C-5C-0040

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