• WIKA Wallace & Tiernan Pressure Gauge Series 1500-85G

WIKA High Precision Pressure Gauge Series 1500-85G

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Series 1500-85G
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Wide Spaced Graduations Give Excellent Readability
Because the pointer covers full scale in two revolutions, Series 1500 scales are approximately 45" long. This is more than twice as long as single-revolution gauges with the same dial diameter (8½") and longer than gauges with twice the dial diameter. The expanded scale allows a minimum of 0.045" of white space between graduations.

Accurate Readout at a Glance
Compactness makes readout convenient as well as accurate. The operator takes readings from one position, which is not possible with large-diameter gauges. This cuts fatigue and errors. A revolution indicator is included and a mirror ring eliminates parallax errors. Graduations are easily seen; bold numbers are horizontally placed.

Calibration is Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
A computer-assisted plotter marks calibration points and the graduations between them on each dial. This produces a scale which precisely matches the characteristics of each mechanism and pressure element. Instruments supplied are certified traceable to NIST.

Compact Size Saves Space in Panels
With the two-revolution arrangement, the long scale (approx. 45") requires a dial only 8½" in diameter, making more compact test units possible, such as consoles for ground support equipment.

Performs Better than the Rated Accuracy
Custom dial calibration, and individual assembly and adjustment of each mechanism add up to an accuracy of 0.066% full scale. This figure is the minimum performance which can be expected. After rigorous testing any WIKA gauge which fails to better the rated accuracy is rejected.

Solid-Front Construction
The case has a heavy aluminum solid-front and a blow-out plug in back of the case. The pressure inlet is only 1/16" in diameter; the blow-out plug is 1½". This design gives excellent protection against excessive pressure as the plug relieves at the slightest build-up. The case is heavy cast aluminum with a tempered glass window. Overpressuring the instrument up to 10% above its full scale range will not damage the mechanism nor affect accuracy.

Product Specifications

Dial Size 8½"
Accuracy 0.066% of full scale
Repeatability 0.03% of full scale

Standard Ranges and Ordering Numbers

Pressure Range Graduation Ordering Number
0-4.5 psi 0.005 psi 62A-2A-0005
0-10 psi 0.01 psi 62A-2A-0010
0-15.5 psi 0.02 psi 62A-2A-0015
0-20 psi 0.02 psi 62A-2A-0020
0-30 psi 0.05 psi 62A-2A-0030
0-45 psi 0.05 psi 62A-2A-0045
0-60 psi 0.1 psi 62A-2A-0060
0-100 psi 0.1 psi 62A-2A-0100
0-150 psi 0.2 psi 62A-2A-0150
0-200 psi 0.2 psi 62A-2A-0200
0-300 psi 0.5 psi 62A-2A-0300
0-500 psi 0.5 psi 62A-2A-0500
0-1000 psi 1.0 psi 62A-2A-1000
0-125" water 0.2" 62A-2C-0125
0-280" water 0.5" 62A-2C-0280
0-800 mm Hg 1.0 mm 62A-2D-0800
0-31.5" Hg 0.5" 62A-2B-0031
0-60" Hg 0.1" 62A-2B-0060
0-120" Hg 0.2" 62A-2B-0120
0-200" Hg 0.2" 62A-2B-0200
0-300" Hg 0.5" 62A-2B-0300
-30" Hg to 0 0.05" 62A-3B-0030
-15 to 0 to 15" Hg 0.05" 62A-5B-0030
-30 to 0 to 30" Hg 0.1" 62A-5B-0060
-30 to 0 to 90" Hg 0.2" 62A-5B-0120
-30 to 0 to 270" Hg 0.5" 62A-5B-0300

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